News: 13 February 2018Having friends and knowing people is a dangerous thing at times!

Having friends and knowing people is a dangerous thing at times! Let me explain.

As we entered the New Year I talked with my wife about 'taking a year off cycling events' and 'doing some swimming' instead.  This was a very well received as everyone was tired of my bike as a 'piece of art' in the dining room and long absense's on a weekends.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and an email exchange with Andy Sharpe introducing the intoxicating prospect of the RAID Pyrenees.  There was only one thing to do. I had to break a long tradition of being the least spontanious and romantic person my wife knows and buy the biggest box of chocolates I could find on my way home that night and prepare to beg!  The chocolates are already history...our daughters saw to that...and the was RAID approved with just 16 weeks to get myself into shape.





As I ready myself to resume the joys of turbo training I'm reflecting on my new found negotiating skills and wondering what else I might be able to achieve through the power of chocolate.  Then my bubble burst. My daughter rather cooly explained that RAID was seen as the lesser of two evils as, 'you look better in lycra than swimming trunks Dad'.


 Picture - bike in hibernation

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