News: 12 January 2017Gareth Wilson speaks to BBC Cambridgeshire

Following the recent partnership between Cambridge City Council and Hill Group who have teamed up to build more homes at a higher percentage of affordable, Cambridge Partner, Gareth Wilson chatted to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on Affordable Housing and the challenges that housebuilders in the region face.

In the interview, Gareth explains the challenges and costs that housebuilders face. He highlights that even though the Council have set a 40% level of affordable housing, the cost of the land is pushing up the value of homes and with land pressures facing the county (such as Green Belt), the pressure is on South Cambridgeshire to deliver homes.

When asked whether schemes with public and private sector partnerships will help to solve Cambridge's housing crisis, Gareth explained:

"It's certainly a step in the right direction and seeing the council and Government join forces with private sector is the right approach. We need to see more involvement in delivery infrastructure around Cambridge aswell which will help to bring forwards more sites and more land" 

To hear the full feature, click the link below and tune into 1hr 40mins.


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