Aspects Leisure Park

We provided architectural design services for the redevelopment an out of town centre close to Bedford. Having worked on the development throughout its evolving phases the client wanted to review the centre’s offer with the emphasis towards creating a more family orientated leisure park.

The proposed scheme includes the refurbishment of an existing six screen cinema with new modern digital format screens. The building has also been extended with a glazed link at ground floor level to a new building that accommodated three additional screens. In addition to the cinema extension, and to link the new cinema to the wider centre, the riverside units have also been redeveloped with the inclusion of new A3 restaurant units to form an active frontage to the riverside.

Enhancements to the Public Realm include new landscaping and the re-paving of the area between the cinema extension and the new Riverside development which also facilitate outdoor activity and ‘Bistro’ style dinning. The public mall and riverside were also enhanced with proposals of new feature signage and new branding for the Leisure Park, which takes inspiration from a competition held by Barton Willmore together with the local authority involving locals schools to design a new brand for the centre.

The redevelopment of the Site also aims to help open up the links between the town and many of Bedford’s other recreational facilities including the Priory Marina and the Boating Lake. Not only will such improvements make the riverside facilities more accessible, but they will also enhance the area’s role as the premier leisure destination.