RAF Faldingworth

We obtained planning permission for a new 50MW solar park on the site of a former RAF base near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire. 196,000 south-facing solar panels will cover 150 hectares at the former RAF Faldingworth.

At the time of receiving permission, the facility was the UK’s largest solar farm. It will produce enough electricity to power over 12,000 homes, which is equivalent to a town the size of Mablethorpe, and will save over half a million tonnes of carbon dioxide over its lifetime compared to conventional methods of power generation.

RAF Faldingworth was used during the Second World War by Number 300 (Polish) Squadron. Before it was decommissioned in 1972, the base was used to store nuclear weapons. The site was considered to be ideal for solar power: flat brownfield land, well-screened, and with very little impact on the surrounding countryside. It is anticipated that the solar farm will be in operation for up to 30 years.

Project details

  • 50 MW Solar Farm
  • The UK's largest solar farm when granted
  • 196,000 solar panels