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Kim Cohen

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For all the exotic stamps I have collected from exploring the world and years in the industry, it still surprises me that next week will be the first time I will be getting the ink from MIPIM in my passport.

MIPIM in Cannes presents us all with a unique opportunity to potentially (although a little unlikely) meet over 24,000 other professionals from across the property industry, within the UK, EU and beyond. A daunting prospect, but given it’s my first time, I sought some advice from our go-to MIPIM person and Business Development Director, Jenni Montgomery, on a number of things pre-event. From sorting out meetings, geography, venues, recharging and generally how I can make the most of this first opportunity, there is a lot to get my head around and quickly!

I was particularly pleased however, to be reminded that the majority of people are there, like me, to meet new contacts and build relationships. When I’m not attending Barton Willmore events, there are a plethora of great networking opportunities, if we are bold enough to put ourselves out there and strike up conversations.  

Jenni’s recent blog about MIPIM also got me thinking about what I could bring to the table rather than just turning up, as many do, with a brochure. I could be a ‘wise owl’ and offload my wisdom to anyone that would listen, but I am not sure how useful that would be to any of us. Instead I think if I was to summarise what I can really offer, I would major on my abilities to engage businesses and thousands of members of the local community in development and the opportunities it can bring them. Most recently this has been exemplified through the production of the Reading 2050 Vision, a three-year project, working closely with three other organisations in the town; local businesses; investors; and the communities of Reading. It outlines an ambitious, smart and sustainable future for Reading, putting green technology, culture and diversity and Reading’s rivers and parks at the heart of its future development. For me this vision comes from being really engaged in Reading and the Thames Valley personally, and being invested in its future. It’s about creating places and spaces that draw people in, be they residents, students, commuters or investors.

At the same time though, as much as I would enjoy talking about Reading, I’m keen to hear what others are up to in this sphere and surely with the World’s property industry in attendance this is the place. With ‘What will be the best strategies for building cities in this globalised world?’ as one of the themes this year, I am hoping for some fantastic insights into how other major cities and towns around the world are tackling this self-same challenge of looking and thinking long term, preparing for smart and sustainable cities and building in flexibility and opportunity through their property and processes.

So, if you do want to catch-up then please do send me an email and we can sort out dates, or if it’s your first time like me, and you see me looking slightly lost or weighed down with free marketing bumph, then please do come over and say hello.

Look forward to seeing you there!


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