Intelligence: 15 June 2017Fast Forward to 2040 - Liverpool City Region

By 2040 Liverpool City Region will have a 100k population, up to 100k new jobs and 100k new homes. The region, built on a rich history of international trade and world leading innovation in science, culture and civic life, has an exciting opportunity with a forthcoming bid for the Commonwealth Games, but growth and development needs to spread beyond the City of Liverpool to secure benefits for the City Region as a whole.

The preparation of a spatial plan represents a huge prospect for the City Region, but it also raises a number of important questions, including:

How much of the City Region's housing need can be accommodated in Liverpool City Centre and commercial growth?

Where can the demand for family housing be met in suburban areas of the City Region?

How does the City Region improve transport connections and work with other City Regions to improve?

Can the business requirements associated with the completion of Liverpool2 and growth of the Airport be met on land already identified for commercial or employment development?

The questions will be addressed through the forthcoming work on Strategic Spatial Framework (SSF) for the Combined Authority area. Our Manchester team are engaged in the preparation of the SSF and would be pleased to assist interested parties with the preparation of advice moving forward. 



If you have any queries or would like to discuss growth in the region, please get in contact.


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