Intelligence: 3 April 2018Gender Pay Gap Report

The issue of the gender pay gap has been a hotly debated topic for many months now, as the UK and wider world seeks to address equality and transparency. In response to this the UK Government passed legislation in 2017, requiring any company employing over 250 employees to review and publish gender pay gap data. In this, our first such report, we are keen to use this valuable tool to enhance everyone’s understanding of our current position and set out what real, positive actions we are and can take to address any underlying causes or barriers that may impact upon anyone fulfilling their potential and addressing any gender pay gap issues.

How do we fare?
Based on data from April 2017, at which point we had 346 employees (181 female, 165 male) fulfilling many different roles across our 12 offices nationwide, our analysis demonstrates a mean gender pay gap of 19.2% and a median pay gap of 14.3%.
As with many professional services organisations, the variation in the gender pay seen here is the result of a greater proportion of women in our junior or lower paid roles, and fewer in our senior leadership roles. This is evidenced when we look specifically at our professional fee earning business (excluding administrative staff) by the reduction to a mean gender pay gap of 11.5% (5.9% below the national average) and a median gender pay gap of 9.6% (8.8% below the national average). This reduces even further when we look at each specific job level within our business (see full report).
It has taken time for the recruitment and progression of women, both within the industry and our business, to reach a point where there are more women entering senior level roles. As the makeup of the talent pool within our sector continues to evolve and become more diverse, time, focused action and an inclusive and enabling culture is essential to facilitate a proportionate representation of both men and women at senior levels. We are committed to continuing to work towards this.

Here we set this data out in more detail, alongside a clear list of the actions we are already undertaking and proposing to take over time. From training to flexible working and mentoring, there are many opportunities for us all to support and engender a transparent and strong, inclusive environment for everyone. 

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