Intelligence: 4 April 2019Gender Pay Gap Report

This is our second Gender Pay Gap report, where we set out our commitment to equality, but also go beyond the basic compliance requirements, to include more specific data in relation to gender pay across our professional fee earning business and each of our four job levels, to offer even greater transparency. You should note that this is not a report about equal pay. We are confident that our male and female people are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across the Practice.

Based on data from 5 April 2018, this being the requirement for all companies, we employed 360 employees (185 female and 175 male) fulfilling many different roles across our 13 offices our mean gender pay gap was 21.4% and our median gender pay gap at 16.4%.

As with many professional services organisations, we see the variation in the gender pay and bonus pay gaps reported being a result of more women than men in our Staff level paid roles (including secretarial and administrative roles) and fewer in leadership and senior roles. We understand that this is likely to be due to the historical low number of women entering professional services as a career compared to men, and in particular this profile is characteristic of the wider property industry.

Reflecting on this when we explore the pay gap between our professional fee earning business (excluding our secretarial and administrative) the gap is significantly lower - our mean gender pay gap is 9.7%, and our median pay gap is 4.8%. The gap then reduces even further when we report the data across the four job levels within our business, and is, at Staff and Associate levels, favourable towards women.

Ultimately, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and fair-minded business. Whilst the numbers reported are important, we do not focus on these in isolation. Our focus remains on attracting, retaining and promoting the right talent and skills and we will continually seek ways in which we can strengthen our commitment to equality of opportunity to ensure that all our people are supported to achieve their full potential.

Our report highlights our achievements in creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive and enabling culture, including the uptake of our Flexible Working Policy and the greater number of women progressing to senior roles, it was encouraging to see three of our five promotions to Director last year being women. We also detail new initiatives recognising that there is always more we can do.

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