Intelligence: 25 March 2020Our experience – Homes and Communities

We are passionate about creating places. Places that people love and cherish, places that make a difference, places that people call home.

Our latest brochure showcases the complete range of new homes and communities that our architecture team have designed and delivered, working collaboratively with our town and environmental planners, urban design and masterplanners, landscape designers and heritage specialists.

We outline adaptable urban homes, homes for later life, homes that are healthy, homes that revive a place, provide community, and ultimately homes for all.

We guide you through our design journey, from planning and delivery, exploring how we look to innovate and problem solve, as well as drive the use and adaptation of technology to support our approach. Our selection of projects has been chosen to not only highlight the breadth of new homes we are working on but also a variety of solutions we have encountered along the way including challenging sites, blending use classes, high density urban solutions, infill sites and modern suburban solutions that drive sustainability whilst also meet need.

Read the brochure now or view/download the PDF.


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