Intelligence: 22 October 2021Wales: Development plans update

The Welsh Government published Future Wales: The National Plan 2040 in February making it the first ever national development plan in the United Kingdom. All Strategic Development Plans (SDPs) and Local Development Plans (LDPs) prepared in Wales now have to be in general conformity with Future Wales.

Following it's realease, the South East Wales SDP is due to be the first SDP to formally commence preparation in February 2022. This will introduce a tier of regional planning to address matters transcending Local Authority boundaries.

Most local authorities are currently in the process of reviewing their LDPs and are at different stages in the process of preparation; with tighter phosphate target levels in Special Areas of Conservation set by Natural Resources Wales causing delays to a number of  their reviews.

To assist you in understanding which stage each Local Authority is at in terms of the preparation/review of their LDP and the adoption of a Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule, our Cardiff team have created the below interactive map, and are more than happy to discuss your specific circumstances.


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