Intelligence: 10 June 2022The logistics behind levelling-up

The planning system has a huge part to play in securing the levelling-up agenda. Crucially, local plans must ensure a supply of land sufficient to accommodate all the new homes and business floorspace we need. But there is tunnel vision on land supply, which means discussions always seem to focus on housing numbers, without a wider appreciation of the importance of balancing other land use needs. If we are to foster local job creation and future economic growth across regions, they need to (and can) work alongside each other, to make the levelling-up agenda successful.

We believe creating high-quality development that generates value in every sense of the word is key if we’re to successfully demonstrate the benefits of taking a more holistic approach. On jobs, on skills, on community benefit, on local investment, on sustainability, the industrial and logistics industry is often asked ‘if we’re going to take these large buildings in our back yard, what are we going to get in return?’. We all need to hold ourselves to account, and we should be able to answer that question with positive measurable social value outcomes - but the sector has more to learn and more to do if it is to achieve this.

Drawing on our knowledge and experience, and keen to keep these conversations going, we talked partnerships, planning, and prospects for the logistics sector with our pals at Wrenbridge, alongside chatting to representatives from the industrial and logistics sector on a recent episode of BW Uncut.

Here's our news from the industrial and logistics sector….         

Take our poll... with the the race for space more competitive than ever, the quest to find the perfect site is ever more challenging. Let us know what you think makes the perfect site!

James Donagh blogs... sharing his thoughts on a tension many of us within the development industry have been grappling with in recent months, especially as the industrial and logistics sector continues to boom.... jobs vs homes.

Spotlight on Wrenbridge... With the UK logistics market seeing record-breaking take up, we caught up with Wrenbridge's director Jeff Wilson, to assess the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Several permissions secured...what do you do with the disused site of a former power station? You transform it into a home for people and flourishing wildlife, whilst supporting jobs, education, and recreation, with sustainability at its heart, of course!

Listen in we bring together guests from the industrial and logistics sector to talk through the value these schemes can deliver in the levelling-up context, opportunities for intensification and consider the hurdles currently faced in the delivery at each level.

Resolution to grant secured... for the approval of SEGRO V Park. The sustainable, flexible development is the first of its kind on the Slough Trading Estate, adding to the mix of employment floorspace and delivering significant economic benefits.

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