Intelligence: 26 September 2016A National Vision for England

Today, England is facing an increasing challenge as to the way we plan for growth. Following the Brexit vote, our economic path will need to change. We need a plan that enables us to compete and maintain our economic vitality on the world stage. Devolution, changes in the way infrastructure is funded, ongoing changes to the planning system and an ever growing housing crisis are all challenges that require coordination.

This is an important point in our history, where clear direction and coordination of our ambitions and future as a nation is essential if we are to address these issues. We believe there is a need for a high level Vision for England that can perform this role. A vision could:

  • Set out key ambitions in terms of economic growth but also unite infrastructure, planning, education, health and investment to provide focus at a national level
  • Empower and guide Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnership and Devolved regions, all of whom play a key role in securing the distribution of growth and opportunity across the country
  • Make England more attractive for investment
  • Answer the questions our communities are asking.

To investigate other opinions within the property and infrastructure industry we hosted a focused think tank earlier this month, exploring the idea further.

Read our latest document 'Does England need a National Vision?'. This by no means gives the answer but it does highlight the facts and thinking so far, hopefully prompting and encouraging further conversations on this important topic. 



Do you think we need a National Vision?

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