Intelligence: 17 September 2015An Ageing Nation: are we planning for our future?

With an ageing population it's no surprise that there is not only a shortage of specialist accommodation, but a shortage of family homes that remain occupied by older generations. As Planners and Designers operating at a strategic national and local level and delivering many different forms of housing (including retirement accommodation), we feel it is critical to our recovery from the current housing crisis and the future of appropriate and appealing retirement accommodation to look at how this issue might be effectively tackled. We believe both policy (both nationally and locally) and the provision of the right opportunities for older people, is required to stimulate their inherent in downsizing and otherwise.

In this Report, released at the Retirement Housing Group Conference 2015, we look more closely at how this policy and product might be informed and developed, looking at projections, policy in practice and how we should be responding.

The full Report can be downloaded below. To see how well the new Planning Policy Guidance is being implemented at a local level, policy within the top 30 Local Authorities can be accessed here.


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