News: 23 November 2016Autumn Statement 2016

The release of the Autumn Statement has seen announcements including a £2.3 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund as well as investment in transport technology and transport infrastructure . 

Gareth Wilson, Planning Partner, comments: “Infrastructure took quite the starring role in Hammond’s first Autumn Statement, and the stage has been set for a strong spending package to play out across the country. The May Administration has firmly nailed its colours to the mast in making a clear and decisive commitment to infrastructure-led development, recognising this can be instrumental in solving our housing crisis in the areas that need it most, and economic growth in a post-Brexit Britain. 

“It’s vital that our powerhouses outside of London are supported by critical new and upgraded infrastructure that will allow these centres to continue to thrive. With infrastructure investment being rolled out across every region of England – and at a time when much EU funding is uncertain in many areas – these reassurances should be a big boost to confidence.  


“But of course there are many worthy infrastructure projects out there, so the onus is now on how these headline figures get divided up and effectively used, and prioritising those schemes that will deliver the greatest benefits on the ground and for the UK economy as a whole.  Investment must be deployed carefully into infrastructure projects that capture multiple wins and achieve more together than they can individually. The Oxford-Cambridge Expressway is a brilliant example of this, as it links two leading cities focused on innovation, facilitating greater knowledge and resource sharing, building supply chain links and new opportunities for sustainable communities.”

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