News: 21 June 2017Barton Willmore designs the past at Ufton Court

Our Planning and Design teams have secured planning permission for a Viking Longhouse at Ufton Court; a thriving and inspirational children’s charity in Ufton Nervet, outside Reading.

The new Viking Longhouse aims to inspire children to have a passion for history and will act as a learning facility, allowing children to explore the history of Vikings in a recreated environment. 

A traditional Viking thatched roof and timber cladding will adorn the new building that offers exciting opportunities for children to learn and develop key life skills in an incredibly inspiring space. The Longhouse, which has been designed by our team pro bono, will also add an additional learning element to the outdoor education facility and will welcome over 200,000 children over the next 20 years.

Robin Shepherd, Planning Partner, said: “It's not very often we are asked to secure planning for a Viking Longhouse!  We are delighted to be working closely with Ufton Court and supporting the amazing work they do.

“I'm sure the Vikings never had to secure planning permission. We have sought to ensure the Viking Longhouse is in keeping with the key elements of a traditional longhouse, with some modifications including a glazed façade for natural light and switching to a thatched roof to blend in with the surrounding area.”

Neha Abayawardana, Associate Architect, said: “The Viking Longhouse has been a really interesting project to design. There was some variety to the type of houses constructed during the Viking period, which we have incorporated into the final design. We have integrated the key elements and features from that era, to keep the structure authentic, whilst including modern features such as a glazed façade to allow natural light and enhance the space


Fiona Craig, MD, Ufton Court: “We are delighted that our dreams of building a Viking Longhouse are inching towards becoming a reality. I feel so grateful towards Barton Willmore giving up their time to work to design the structure and secure planning on our behalf. We work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds to raise their aspiration and attainment. We aim to offer the best history experiences and this building will create an environment and inspirational learning space that will encourage the lively exchange of ideas, openness and enables children to develop key life skills in an incredibly inspiring space”.

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