News: 1 June 2018What’s your great idea for the Central South?

The South Coast region is one of the most dynamic, populous and beautiful in the UK, but it faces some serious challenges in terms of planning for the future. Investing in key infrastructure, growing the economy and delivering new homes are key to the region reaching its potential, whilst protecting the very things that make it so special.

In a rapidly changing and uncertain world, other cities and regions around the UK and the world are overcoming similar constraints to ensure they are internationally competitive. As a region, we need to focus on the areas that we can improve on, in order for it to reach it’s potential.

Our team is attending Regenerate South on 6th June calling for greater collaboration across central South and asking ‘What’s your great idea for the Central South?’ This could be anything, from the realistic to the improbable - we want to know what YOU think the Central South needs. Fill out the form below or tweet using #BWgreatidea.

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