News: 6 June 2018Planning Partner Kim Cohen welcomes key Heathrow step

"This has been a long time coming and we welcome this key step. Of course, whilst Parliament still needs to ratify this, we would very much hope this is a quick and decisive process given the scrutiny it has already been given through the Davies Commission and the extensive consultations that followed.

There has always been a consensus that there is a pressing need to increase airport capacity and Heathrow has been identified as the preferred option. There are many that would argue, and not without considerable merit, that a third runway at Heathrow should be the starting point and not the end. Increased capacity at other airports, must surely follow. For now, though, the task is to deliver on the decision that has been made.

Opportunities and benefits, both economic and social are significant to say the least. The (hopefully) swift expansion of Heathrow as the hub airport will of course provide huge opportunities and not insignificant challenges for the immediate Thames Valley; and through the inevitable associated national infrastructure projects and improvements will be the catalyst for national and regional growth – growth that the UK’s regional airports can contribute to as economic growth hubs. 

The task for politicians, leaders and professionals, is to ensure that the whole country can benefit quickly and effectively. This is just the start of the journey and the extensive network of planning, design and engineering experts in the UK are ready to assist. Let’s go!"

As featured in Insider, Property Week and Business Magazine.

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