News: 1 October 2018Planning submitted for a sustainable new community in Bishop’s Stortford

Our team have submitted a Hybrid Planning Application for a sustainable new community in Bishop's Stortford South on behalf of developer Countryside Properties. The proposals have been drawn up following an extensive collaborative process with stakeholders and successful public consultation events, and will provide much needed housing in the area, including affordable and market housing.

The new mixed-use development, which is currently known as Bishop’s Stortford South, will consist of 750 new homes, along with employment, retail, community space and a care home. The proposals also include a new primary and secondary school: a truly sustainable development. A network of pedestrian footpaths and cycleways alongside a new bus corridor, which will accommodate an improved local bus service, will provide the new and surrounding community with efficient and sustainable modes of transport.

Phase 1 of the development will consist of 142 new homes, consisting of a range of house types from apartments to 5-bed homes, with 40% of the homes affordable.

A village high street designed to reflect the local character will run through the site and provide attractive and convenient access to the proposed uses and facilities. Public spaces, green corridors, tree-lined streets, small village greens and play facilities will also be key features of the scheme.

The site is allocated for development in the examined Local Plan and the team are working closely with East Herts District Council and Hertfordshire County Council to enable commencement of development as early as possible following adoption of the Local Plan.

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