News: 26 February 2018Southampton: An Airport City of the future?

Planners from our Southampton office have been selected to submit a paper for the European Council of Spatial Planners Young Planners Workshop. Senior Planner Jen Samuelson and Planner Alice Drew submitted an abstract entitled, ‘Southampton: An Airport City of the future?’ which was reviewed and chosen by the board of European Council of Spatial Planners to develop further and produce a 12,000-word paper.

The ‘Southampton: An Airport City of the future?’ paper will focus on whether Southampton could become an ‘Airport City’ of the future. This will be established by exploring how the airport currently integrates with the city and to what extent the airport is key to the future growth of Southampton.

Planner Alice said ‘This is a great project to be part of and a fantastic opportunity to build a framework that could shape the development of Southampton Airport and I look forward to investigating further whether Southampton has what it takes to achieve Airport City status.’




Senior Planner, Jen commented ‘Southampton is one of the largest cities on the south coast, and with that comes challenges and opportunities. It will be interesting to see to what extent the airport and city are integrated, and how this could be improved, potentially to their mutual benefit. I’m also really looking forward to working with peers across Europe, which is a rare and exciting opportunity.’

Entries from the UK, Europe and beyond have been chosen to develop their abstract entries into 12,000-word papers and will attend a meeting next week to receive feedback from a lecturer on their abstract. All entrants will then attend a meeting in April and will have to submit their final entry in May. The winner will then be invited to present their paper in Paris later in May and all papers and works developed will be published as an e-book in the framework of the Young Planners Workshop.


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