News: 14 February 2019Drinks and Drawings - designers sketch ideas for a future Birmingham

Property, planning and design experts from across Birmingham came together to celebrate the growth of our design offering in Birmingham and beyond.

Guests from Craigleith Property Group, Barratt Homes, Parkhill Estates, Bellway Homes, and many more gathered recently in Snowhill’s Bar Opus for the ‘drinks and drawings’ event.

The ‘drawings’ aimed to spark debate by showcasing potential design interventions on key Birmingham landmarks suggested by our design team, whilst also encouraging guests to have a go, prompting discussion on what Birmingham could look like.

Among the suggestions put forward were to modify the front façade of the art-deco Baskerville House to create a multi-purpose performance space. Design Director Luke Hillson explained that this would allow the former civic building to house music concerts, theatre shows, stand-up comedy and dance performances, creating increased activity. He added: “Feature lighting would illuminate Centenary Square, providing additional life and activity into this space during the evening, utilising the space for more hours of the day.”

Another idea saw the creation of a vision for Perrott's Folly, also known as The Monument. Describing her ‘drawing’ of the 29-metre tall tower Grade II* listed building, which was completed in 1758 in Edgbaston, Senior Urban Designer, Natalie Oates, said: “The vision is to create a new destination and focus for the community – the tower and grounds could offer a range of activities and facilities (fun, active and educational) for children and families – with storytelling, fairy tales and everything in between!” 

Finally, Senior Urban Designer Aliis Kodis, considered Birmingham Town Hall at Victoria Square in greater detail. Explaining the ‘drawing’ of the first of the monumental town halls and first significant work of the 19th-century revival of Roman architecture, she said: “The vision is to utilise this key City landmark as a focus for City events and activities, by opening up the building and encouraging active and passive use of the building and the space around it.” 

Design Director Luke Hillson said: “Birmingham is a transformational city that is getting ready to drive the Midlands engine in to a new decade. It is also one that is evolving right before our eyes with new developments and infrastructure being put in place that will help the city and region become an even better place to work, rest and play.

“The creation of these ideas allowed us to have fun and get creative as a team by making some alternative alterations to buildings and areas, prompting us and our guests to think about Birmingham’s future and highlighting the impact that design could have on the city going forward.”

Check out the design team's visions here.

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