News: 10 July 2019Greg Dickson speaks at National CPA Conference

Director, Greg Dickson will be speaking at the National Compulsory Purchase Association Conference this week (10th July).

Greg will join Sarah Collins from Highways England to share their knowledge on Section 17 Applications (also known as Certificates of Appropriate Alternative Developments – CAAD) to over 300 property professionals, forming part of a programme of over 15 speakers.

Greg said "I'm looking forward to joining the CPA Conference on Wednesday highlighting the role of Section 17. It is well known that planning is central to the promotion and confirmation of Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs), but planning assumptions also play a key role in determining the value of land that is to be publicly acquired. For example, it can be difficult to arrive at the market value for the land (if it were not to be acquired) in circumstances where the policies of the development plan are out of date or where the land is allocated for a use where there is no general demand in the market. In such circumstances, it is the role of the Section 17 procedure to obtain clear and definitive decision from the local planning authority on the forms of development that would have been permitted."

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