News: 22 March 2019Leeds team gain approval for new city centre hotel

A high-profile site close to Leeds Train Station is to be redeveloped into a hotel/apart-hotel after permission was granted by Leeds City Council.

Our Leeds planning team have secured approval for a hotel/apart-hotel close to Leeds Train Station. The change-of-use and conversion of the grade II-listed 17 Wellington Street and demolition of 49 Aire Street with the construction of a six-storey hotel to take its place via delegated authority.

The 54-bedroom hotel, which will be located across the road from the proposed new headquarters of Channel 4 in Yorkshire and has been empty for a couple of years, will also feature a restaurant as part of the redeveloped site for Hallborough Properties.

Only minor modifications will be made to the existing building on Wellington Street, with the façade to Aire Street opened up as much as possible to the restaurant, including the re-use of all the openings to the retained façade.

Senior Planner Chris Atkinson said: “We welcome this decision and positive comments from Leeds City Council in relation to the redeveloped site, allowing the main body and much more of the rear wing of the listed building to be brought back into use, which would be of significant benefit. In addition, the development at the former woollen warehouse will be of high quality in respect of its design and materiality in its own right and will be an aesthetically positive addition to the street scene.”

The planning officer's report said: "The scheme would allow an important listed building to be brought back into use and the level of harm caused by the demolition of part of the heritage asset is outweighed by the public benefits of the proposal.”


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