News: 23 July 2019Senior Partner comments on the arrival of a new Prime Minister

Ahead of the announcement of the new Prime Minister, Senior Partner Mark Sitch shares his hopes for the country’s new leader.

“The arrival of the new Prime Minister is a major opportunity for the UK and through renewed support could help Britain to succeed in the current economic climate. It’s essential that they find a way through Brexit to ensure certainty for the country that will encourage investment in housing and infrastructure and support economic growth.

“We continue to underdeliver the homes that the country needs. The new Prime Minister should consider all the options available to deliver well-designed, high quality housing at all tenures across the country and this should include brownfield land, as well as greenfield and Green Belt land in the right locations.

“It is important that the Government invests in infrastructure and that’s not just the glamorous, high-profile projects – we need investment in water, energy, public transport and roads, as well as new train lines, airports and ports.  It’s also fundamental that this financial boost takes place in our major cities and towns across the country alongside London.

“Although this is an opportunity to win votes through public spending on new projects that would benefit the economy – or tax cuts like a slash in business rates that would benefit the high street – we hope that the new Prime Minister does not decide to disrupt the planning and policy environment. This would only serve to deliver even more uncertainty and potentially jeopardise private investment further as we prepare to leave the European Union.”

As featured in Building Design.

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