News: 8 July 2019Sustainable new community with rural tones gets go-ahead

A sustainable new community designed by our team is to be built by developer, Countryside, featuring 750 new homes, along with employment, retail, community space and a care home at Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire.

The highly accessible site to the south of Bishop’s Stortford, currently used as agricultural land, will bring a number of significant developments to the area following the granting of planning permission by East Herts Council.

This includes the delivery of around 300 affordable homes, increased school capacity, improved transport connections through a new roundabout and bus links, the creation of new local employment opportunities while also enhancing access to the Southern Country Park and providing opportunities for social interaction and community building.

Our designers have worked with Countryside, the local community and other stakeholders to create six distinct character areas within the 53-ha site which reflect the spatial qualities of the local context to make efficient use of the land. Highlighting this approach, the local centre layout takes design cues from the high street character of nearby Standon and Buntigford along with North Street within Bishop’s Stortford historic centre. Meanwhile the employment space has been located in the area closest to Thorley Street roundabout to minimise traffic impact on new homes.   

The new homes at the very north of the site have been designed so that the street retains a spacious character, framing glimpses of the north-south routes that link the two frontages. One of the most visual elements of the scheme is the hard and soft landscaping, creating the setting for the buildings and creating an attractive public space on the street frontages and semi-private space between the buildings. The high street will also take the form of a tight-knit village street, providing a wide pedestrian and cycle route to the schools, open to all users, dog walkers and joggers, and enabling other connections via the Hertfordshire Way and green corridor to the wider countryside and the Southern Country Park as well as the local centre and employment area to the south.

Urban Design Associate Natalia Trossero said: “We are incredibly excited about the prospect of delivering this sustainable new community with Countryside alongside the provision of a wide range of new infrastructure, services and facilities, that will be of huge benefit to not only residents but also the wider community.”

The first 142 homes at the northern edge of the site, a mixture of one and two-bedroom apartments and two, three and four-bedroom homes, together with associated roads, parking and landscaping, will start to be delivered in 2020 following the granting of a ‘hybrid planning permission’ which approves this first phase in detail and the remainder of the site in outline.

It is anticipated the remainder of the development will be delivered by 2028.

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