News: 18 June 2020Vision for Victoria Street – a benchmark for green recovery?

Our Bristol urban design team, led by Urban Design Director Barry Williams, has produced an emerging vision for Victoria Street in Bristol City Centre out of love and commitment for their neighbourhood and city.

The project first began as a response to Bristol becoming the European Green Capital winner in 2015. Our design team were keen to show how we could put a series of ideas together in their own city that would transform Victoria Street from a car based road into a place for people that was founded on a more sustainable approach to movement from Bristol Temple Meads into the city centre. However more recent work with the Redcliffe and Temple Business Improvement District and the acceleration of transport measures by Bristol City Council due to Covid-19 has brought the opportunity for Victoria Street back into focus for our designers and new proposals have been developed further shaped by a practice wide approach to delivering healthy places. 

Our Bristol team believe Victoria Street has the opportunity of being a benchmark for the green recovery. Through design interventions it could be transformed and lead the way for streets in Bristol city centre. Currently dominated by cars our vision sees Victoria Street re-allocated back to people, accessible and prompting active travel. It creates an exciting, urban street that prompts a variety of interactions and spurs creativity between business, residents and visitors; a healthy liveable street in the heart of the city, a community.

Click on the image above to read more about our vision for Victoria Street.

What do you think of our vision for Victoria Street? Do you know of a street that sets a good healthy, accessible benchmark? Let us know on our LinkedIn post!


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