News: 9 October 2020We’ve been shortlisted...

We’ve been shortlisted, with KC+A, for the London Borough of Hounslow (LBoH) Design Competition to regenerate Convent Way in Hounslow.

The LBoH identified the Convent Way estate as wonderful opportunity for improvement at the beginning of this year, since then our Landscape Design and London Planning team, with architects at KC+A, have created a vision for a neighbourhood that supports a thriving community, unearthing its heritage, with new homes that foster health and well-being.

The masterplan proposals presented so far seek to keep the good things that we’ve learnt that the community love and detail how we plan on meeting the residents’ needs and desires. The design revolves around four key drivers:  

  1. Creating a sense of place
  2. Community outdoor spaces
  3. Ease of movement
  4. Views and light

Our Landscape Design Director, Alex Comrie said “A complete series of green spaces, parks, foot paths, cycle ways, growing spaces, shared gardens, trees and greenery make this new neighbourhood really connect, connect as a community and connect to the wider area(s). Aiding the creation of place and pride, the landscaping and public realm provides opportunity for healthy, active lifestyles and importantly places for people to get to know each other or take time out in and relax.”

Our London Planning team are using their experience on estate regeneration schemes in London and Hounslow to support the design team. This includes devising a planning strategy that ensures the timely delivery of a scheme that responds to the identified problems of the estate, providing new high quality affordable homes set within an improved public realm that provides a sense of place and pride for existing and new residents. The strategy seeks to achieve a net uplift in homes to assist meeting wider Hounslow affordable needs whilst ensuring a viable deliverable scheme. 

Just one of three shortlisted teams, our team are hugely proud to have got this far – have a look at our ideas by clicking the exhibition board visual below!

Resident feedback is welcome, prior to our final presentation to the panel on the 19th. Wish us luck!

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