News: 9 March 2022Barton Willmore is joining Stantec!

From our earliest days as architects and planners pioneering the profession, to today with over 300 professionals spanning all sectors and numerous specialisms, we have striven to be leaders in our field. In joining Stantec, we will take our next step in realising this ambition, as part of a leading global design firm with very similar aspirations and culture. 

We are joining designers, engineers, environmental scientists and project managers who believe, as we do, that nurturing the communities we create, serve and employ is fundamental to success. As professionals, we are already innovating together in teams alongside you, seeking ways to advance the quality of life for people across the UK and drive the sustainability agenda. We are challenging policy and bringing to bear our national influence and local knowledge on projects of all scales. But we believe there is so much more, through greater collaboration, we can achieve. As such, we see this as a hugely exciting future for our people and clients. 

At Barton Willmore, our client relationships have always been central to what we do. While the name of our business will change, the same people - be they acting as standalone advisors or part of a larger inter-disciplinary offer from across the practice - will be on hand to deliver your projects, and focused upon ensuring we provide you with the same high level of service and added value you have come to expect from us all. 

“Both Stantec and Barton Willmore are passionate about drawing on our shared expertise to deliver sustainable and lasting projects that improve communities around the world. By combining our respective technical and creative capabilities, plus our extensive collective strategic understanding, we believe we can deliver a real step-change to the UK market,” said Iain Painting, Senior Partner

So what will change? Barton Willmore and Stantec people are already involved in many of the most complex and diverse strategic schemes within the UK. By coming together, we will be able to marry Stantec's technical skills with our creative exper tise to deliver dynamic and innovative teams. Teams who are able to consider the impact of their decisions from an even greater range of perspectives. Teams who have an even broader and more comprehensive sector base. And ultimately teams, who can access and harness global experience to in turn super-charge both your projects and the wider UK property industry's response to climate change and social inequality. 

As part of Stantec's global network, we also have access to deeper and broader skills and resources to support your projects. We can add resources and capabilities to projects where helpful and, alongside the existing Stantec UK network, further enrich both our abilities to represent your views. 

Hopefully you can see why we are so excited about the opportunities this presents to us and therefore the service we offer you, but do visit to see first-hand how they design with community in mind. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to personally showing you how this new move enhances the service we can offer you and your projects, once the details are finalised. 


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