News: 25 July 2022You.Us.Together - Our day in pictures

We’ve just about come back down to Earth after our recent You.Us.Together event in Digbeth - a day and night filled with all the fun things we’ve so missed since our last national, in-person get together! We had graffiti challenges, rap battles, walking tours, lego builds, a live podcast and panel, local street food, and then there was the dancing!

As if the room wasn't already packed with enough talent, we were joined by some of the finest in their field - Clare Josa on ‘Daring to dream bigger’, a ‘get up and dance’ high-tempo session with DanceBox’s Illana Gambrill, a creative ‘graffiti challenge’ with Panda (a local Digbeth street artist), a Hip-Hop workshop from Juice Aleem (a Birmingham born and bred hip-hop legend) and an evening of Digbeth street food provided by local chef Lee DeSanges of Baked in Brick fame - all beautfully captured by Taylor Wright, an award-winning photographer and 3rd-year photography student at Birmingham City University.

Not only were we brought together to show off our creativity, collaborate, learn, inspire, dance, and sing with each other, but some of our Stantec team were there too, to get a sneak peek into the wonder that is BW and all the gems within it! They sure saw us at our best, surrounded by all our favourite people, celebrating us – our past, our present, and our future together!

Here's the story of our day, in pictures...


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