News: 12 January 2017Little Dragon is a big winner!

Architects from the Bristol office are amongst the winners of a competition for a series of portable ‘hotel rooms’ to be built in scenic locations across Wales. The competition, held by Legendary Glamping Wales, coincided with the Visit Wales campaign to promote innovation, hospitality, landscape and the history of Wales. Applicants were encouraged to design a high quality, ‘self-contained’ glamping accommodation unit, where the winning designs will be developed to form a completely unique mobile hotel.

The construction ‘Little Dragon’ is a vertical structure and consists of two main elements: the main cylindrical timber framed pod and the steel tripod structure which fixes the pod firmly and securely to the ground.

The design gets its inspiration from three main sources: The Dragon (the three prongs of the tripod structure represent the dragons foot, industry (coal mining plays a huge part in Wales history and is represented through the industrial form of the design) and Celtic knotwork in the steel door pattern.

The pods can be transported across Wales on the back of a flatbed lorry stored horizontally and can be transported across a range of rough terrain via a telehandler. The pods can then be lifted by a crane into position and set onto the tripod structure to provide a level base.

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