‘Patchworks’ Walthamstow for Inland Homes PLC

Working alongside their London Planning colleagues back in 2020, our Sustainable Value team prepared a Climate Change impact assessment as part of the Environmental Statement (ES) to support a regeneration scheme for Inland Homes for up to 580 homes in Walthamstow.

The ES Chapter covered both climate change resilience (the influence of the climate on the development) and mitigation (the influence of the development on the climate) and included detailed assessments of the development’s credentials. Whilst the Chapter itself is part of the ES, it often is used as the principal objective report for communicating the climate change credentials of a development.  In particular, the assessment included the emissions associated with the vehicle movements of the development once operational and drew upon an externally produced Whole Life Cycle Carbon Assessment. The Chapter also included an assessment of the resilience of the development to a changing climate, principally through climate-induced flood risk, but also with regards to potential overheating.

The Patchworks Climate Change ES Chapter received next to no scrutiny from Walthamstow’s external environmental consultant and is now one of many successful examples.

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