Blythe Valley Park

Blythe Valley Park will deliver quality new homes for Solihull and provide housing choice. The provision of high-quality new housing and key facilities will provide a sense of community and village character within the Solihull landscape.

Combining the best of its strategic location and existing quality buildings, the eastern development area has laid solid foundations for the vision of ‘working in the Park’. New development in this area will complement and complete this established offer.

A healthy environment with places to relax, play and enjoy will be created. A series of green spaces will be connected by a comprehensive footpath network. They will be the link between homes and places of work. Physical health and activity will be encouraged through all aspects of everyday life.

A blended core provides the focus for the most intensive mixing of land uses, building typologies, height and massing. It will be welcoming and appealing to residents, visitors and employees alike. The heart of Blythe Valley, it will be the focus for facilities and urban amenities, a place where people interact, relax and gather.

Project Details

High-quality new housing and key facilities will provide a sense of community and village character.

  • High-quality green spaces
  • Meaningful recreational links
  • A high-quality public realm

Sustainable forms of transport will be encouraged through design. High-quality green spaces and meaningful recreational links will promote walking, running and cycling, whether it be an employee on their lunch break or a family travelling to the local play area.

The Park will be characterised by high-quality buildings, streets and spaces. A high-quality public realm will create continuity through the development, so that the whole place reads as one. Best-practice building design, technology and use of materials will be encouraged.

An exemplar SUDs and water management scheme already characterises the site. Expansion of these systems to weave through Phase 2 land will characterise the new green spaces and foster a ‘sense of place’. The site’s relationship to the River Blythe and countryside park to the north will be key: these are important placemaking assets that will ground the development in the valley.