British Museum Archaeological Research Collection

Combining research, business and community, the British Museum, in partnership with the University of Reading, has developed the British Museum Archaeological Research Collection (BM_ARC), a new storage and global research facility with study facilities as well as a loans logistics centre.

Following the granting of planning permission by Wokingham Borough Council, the BM_ARC will house ancient sculptures, mosaics, archaeological assemblages and historic cast collections, many of which will be moved from the Museum’s current external storage facility in London, which is due to close in 2023.

The 15,000 sqm bespoke-designed single-storey building located adjacent to Thames Valley Science Park will consist of three connected blocks providing custom-designed space to store, study, share and conserve the collection giving university students and academics access to the unique objects housed there and allowing local schools, museums, heritage organisations and the public access to the collection by appointment.

This mutually-beneficial partnership will benefit from the research and interpretation of the collection and the University’s excellent international reputation for research in archaeology.

As featured in the Architects' Journal and the Wokingham Paper.

Project Details

  • 7.12 Ha
  • World famous collections    
  • Loans logistics centre
  • New collection storage and global research facility    
  • 15,000 sqm bespoke-designed single-storey building   

Images: John McAslan + Partners