Chaddock Lane

This greenfield site was allocated for employment purposes ten years ago, yet remains undeveloped. A fresh masterplan for the delivery of employment uses on flexible parcels, and the introduction of new housing and community uses is intended to stimulate investment in the area and help the site realise its full potential. 

Project Details

Key features:

  • 19 hectare site
  • 165 dwellings
  • 28,000 sqm of employment floor space
  • 0.14 hectares of land given over to community uses

In 2006, this 19 hectare site was allocated in the Wigan UDP as part of a Primary Employment Area and outline planning permission was secured for 31,500 sqm of commercial use soon after. The original permission was heavily targeted at the large-scale logistics and office market, but remained undeveloped. 

Following a marketing assessment of the site, our Masterplanning team was tasked with revisiting the approved masterplan to create a more flexible approach to the employment land offering, to cater for a range of second-tier users, and introduce two new residential parcels. The release of land for housing, and its subsequent development, is expected to generate investment in the immediate vicinity of this long-term vacant site, and allow the landowner to invest in site infrastructure to help stimulate its long-term economic potential. 

Outline planning permission has now been obtained for 165 dwellings, including affordable housing, 28,000 sqm of commercial development with the potential to generate 700 new jobs, land for community uses and significant green infrastructure. In parallel, the Council has also indicated its support to allocate the residential parcels in its emerging Allocations Local Plan.