Cox and Wyman

The industrial site, which formerly housed printing company Cox and Wyman until they closed the building in 2015, is now redundant and Reading Borough Council’s recently published draft Local Plan has recognised the site as being appropriate for residential development.

The proposals are for a complete regeneration of the site, providing 96 high-quality homes within an attractive landscaped scheme which retains the existing mature trees on-site. The design of the scheme has been carefully considered to reflect the character of the surrounding area, utilising a mixture of terraced housing, urban houses with roof gardens and apartments.

These new residential properties would make an important contribution towards local housing need by providing a mix of accommodation types, ranging from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom family homes. The scheme offers a range of significant benefits for the local community, including:

  • Regeneration of a tired and redundant industrial site
  • Delivery of an attractive new development with significant areas of landscaping and planting
  • Provision of a centrally located play area which would be accessible to future and existing local residents
  • An appropriate level of parking for the new homes, to help prevent on-street parking and any adverse impact on the surrounding road network
  • A comprehensive transport strategy which would ensure the separation of residential and industrial areas

During the planning committee, Councillors positively spoke about the regeneration of the site, noting the high quality of the design, and commending the Applicant and team on their approach to the planning application process.

Project Details

  • 96 new homes
  • 48 apartments and 48 houses
  • Policy compliant affordable housing
  • Retained existing trees
  • High quality public realm
  • Playground for the local area at the heart of the scheme

Architecture Partner Nick Collins said: “The redevelopment of the former Cox and Wyman Printworks site presents an important contribution towards the local housing need by providing a mix of accommodation types. Our contemporary designs will enhance and enrich this site in a key location in Reading by rationalising the interface between the residential community and the industrial estate.

Planning Partner Kim Cohen, added: “Ensuring that local residents and stakeholders were engaged with during the planning process was incredibly important to us. We did this through various ways and means, but one of the most popular forms of consultation involved the use of our virtual reality headsets that gave people a real-life experience for how the scheme would look and feel.”