Cupar North, Fife - A sustainable settlement expansion

Our Masterplanning and Urban Design team have supported a submission for Cupar North, a high-quality and sustainable expansion of Cupar town, Fife, being led by Persimmon Homes North Scotland. The site comprises of 115 hectares of land stretching around the northern perimeter of the town and was identified as a Strategic Development Area within Fife’s Local Development Plan. It has an allocation for 1,400 new homes, a primary school, employment land, and the delivery of the new Cupar Relief Road, which will provide much needed infrastructure and have a potentially transformative impact on the town.

This extensive settlement expansion is an opportunity to create a new district, which will see the historic county town grow by a third. Given that Cupar North is a radial expansion, it will be well-integrated with the existing town and ensure high levels of connectivity to the town centre, with a huge emphasis placed on active travel throughout the masterplan, creating a healthy community for residents to live within.

An extensive and well-connected network of green spaces provide a variety and hierarchy of spaces which are multi-functional. These spaces will combine green and blue infrastructure as well as integrate a framework for the enhancement of ecology across Cupar North.

Project Details

  • 1,480 homes
  • 115 hectares
  • New relief road
  • Primary school
  • Commercial land
  • Significant areas of natural and formal parkland
  • Parkland set around Scheduled Monument
  • Allotments
  • Extensive active travel routes

A variety of family homes integrate positively with areas of publicly accessible open space, all of which respond to the key characteristics of the site, whilst new gateways to the town will provide high-quality and well-designed arrival points, with key views from higher ground maintained towards its landmark church spires and historic buildings.

Landscape and placemaking were significant drivers for the masterplan, in which the creation of multifunctional spaces provides amenity for residents. An llustrative Masterplan and Masterplan Framework were produced to clearly demonstrate to the Council the placemaking approach taken and how the key technical considerations that affect this sensitive site have shaped the design proposals and how appropriate mitigation can be delivered.

A project website and a ‘Live Chat’ event took place to ensure community engagement wasn’t negatively impacted by the Pandemic, with high levels of engagement and feedback helping shape the final proposals.

The submission is now with Fife Council and the client is hoping to be able to submit applications for Approval of Matters Specified in Conditions to cover initial phases in late 2022.