Dammam Botanical Gardens

Dammam is recognised as one of the fastest growing cities in Saudi Arabia and the King Abdul Aziz Sea Port, situated in Damman, is the largest on the Persian Gulf. A key element of these new facilities is a proposal to develop the Dammam Botanical Gardens, a new visitor destination on a prominent site within the harbour area. 

The initiative presents a remarkable opportunity to bring a wealth of benefits to the local economy. The scheme will provide a leisure attraction of international significance, whilst also providing employment, education and leisure for the people of Dammam. 

Project Details

  • Creation of a leisure attraction of international significance
  • Will provide employment, education and leisure
  • Takes design inspiration from the sails of Arab Dhow

The proposed scheme aims to reflect the future potential of the city of Dammam, whilst also recognising the City’s history and origins. With this in mind, the form and concept of the scheme have evolved following research into the two key themes of the spice trail and the shipping history.

We are at the beginning of a fascinating journey, a sentiment we share with the explorers and traders who set out from this very place so long ago. The biomes reflect a single language throughout the entire scheme, where each of the biomes incrementally grows in proportion. It encompasses the concept of Sails and the Spice Route. The scheme connects four different biomes (climatic) areas with their corresponding gardens, activities and events. Its surrounding areas relate directly to the biomes through semi-controlled environments.