Futura Park

Futura Park is the redevelopment of the former Crane factory and is anchored by the first ever combined Waitrose and John Lewis at Home store in a single 10,000 sqm building. In addition, a 6,200 sqm non-food retail terrace and up to 46,000 sqm of office, industrial and/or storage floorspace has permission providing a number of economic, environmental and social improvements to the local area and wider town. The site lies in an out-of-centre location and is identified as a Strategic Employment Site in the Core Strategy. 

Our teams provided strategy advice, policy representations and promotion of Hybrid Planning Application leading to a Hybrid Outline / Full Permission in December 2011 and detailed planning permission less than a year later.

Project details

  • First ever combined John Lewis and Waitrose at Home
  • 6,200 sqm non-food retail terrace
  • 46,000 sqm office space