Hendon Hall

The project team, led by our Planning team and supported by our Heritage and Development Economics teams, secured full planning permission and listed building consent (under delegated powers) for the partial redevelopment, refurbishment, and change of use of the Grade II listed Hendon Hall from a hotel (Class C1) to a residential care home (Class C2) on behalf of Signature Senior Lifestyle Ltd.

To support the application, our Heritage team produced a detailed Heritage Statement and schedule of historic features to identify and assess the features of the listed building considered to be of greatest architectural and historic significance for the purposes of ensuring their preservation and enhancement. This work closely informed the architectural design and development of the proposed residential care home, led by award-winning architects PRP. The interior of the historic core was considered to be particularly sensitive and extensive negotiations were required with the LPA Conservation Officer to ensure that the proposed alterations were acceptable in heritage terms. Extensive works were also proposed to reconfigure the internal courtyard space and improve the landscape setting of the hall, including two separately listed obelisks that are located within the grounds. 


To support the planning argument for the proposed change of use, our Development Economics team analysed the economic case for the loss of the existing hotel and introduction of a new residential care home as part of their Economic Benefits Statement. This report demonstrated that there would be a significant net increase in jobs created during both the construction and operational phases of development, NHS savings of between £17-35,000 per year, as well as apprenticeship and training opportunities.

By presenting a robust case for the buildings Change of Use as well as highlighting the significant public benefits associated with the proposal, ensured that the planning balance weighed firmly in favour of approving the development.

Project Details

  • Sensitively designed new build to reflect the historic form and function of the Grade II listed building
  • Renovation and repair work to the historic core of the building
  • Provision of a residential care home (102 suites) offering high quality care for the elderly, including specialised nursing and dementia care