Hounslow Town School

Our team managed the submission of a Full Planning Application for the expansion of Hounslow Town Primary School from three to five forms of entry that would almost double the school’s capacity from 630 to 1,206 pupils. Alongside this, the application also included the provision of 284 homes (of which, 40% were affordable) as a mix of apartments and houses which would, in turn, would cross-fund the school’s construction.

The school was located within the Hounslow Town Centre so the context was high density in character. This presented fundamental challenges, particularly with regards to pressure on the existing surrounding road networks, overlooking and daylight quality - both to the new school and to existing neighbouring uses. However, working closely with the Council and respective appointed consultants we managed to provide sufficient comfort that the operation of the enlarged school and additional homes would be compatible with its context.

A further challenge was to ensure that the existing primary school could continue to operate up until the new facility was ready to be opened. This necessitated the creation of a bespoke phasing program, whereby the new building could be designed and constructed on the existing school playing field in a way that would in not adversely impact upon the usability of the existing school.

Following comprehensive consultation with the existing school administration, local residents and the Council, the application was approved in December 2016, with our team providing further assistance with planning conditions where required to ensure the school opened on target for the new intake in September 2018.

Project Details

  • A state-of-the-art five form entry Primary School
  • New and improved playing fields and pitches
  • 284 new homes (comprising 40% affordable)
  • Improved public realm
  • New jobs

Images: Pollard Thomas Edwards