Hunterston PARC Socio-Economic Study

The Hunterston PARC Socio-Economic Study was prepared by Barton Willmore’s Development Economics Team on behalf of Peel Ports Group Ltd. The report provides a socio-economic evidence base relating to the proposed Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (PARC) development on the site of the former Hunterston Bulk Terminal in North Ayrshire, south western Scotland.

The priority afforded to Hunterston in national policy places it at the forefront of Scotland’s strategy to be a low-carbon, circular economy, the development potential of Hunterston PARC responding directly to the UK Industrial Strategy’s drive to improve productivity.

Hunterston PARC will incorporate a variety of land uses, though it is expected that the opportunity will be particularly attractive to businesses that are in the energy sector, require significant amounts of energy and/or require multi-modal access (including deep water port access and direct access to the rail network).


This presents an opportunity to create new jobs in a diverse range of sectors.  The Socio-Economic Study has helped inform the indicative mix of uses at Hunterston PARC and assessed their potential contribution to local economic development and growth, which will help achieve the ambitions of North Ayrshire Council and the Ayrshire Growth Deal.

Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (PARC) comprises 300 acres of development land, one of the largest dry docks in the country and two rail terminals.  It is a unique asset of national significance that the Master Plan envisages to be capable of supporting the development of over 200,000 sqm of floorspace, the creation of 1,700 jobs across and of £140m Gross Value Added annually.

The Socio-Economic Study can be read here and the full Master Plan viewed here.

Images: Peel Ports Group