InPost – Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Our Sustainable Value team was approached by InPost, a last mile logistics company that supplies parcel lockers for sending and receiving parcels, to prepare a corporate Sustainability Report.

It is well known in the logistics and retail industries that the ‘last mile’ of parcel delivery is the most challenging. Traditionally, home delivery involves courier firms delivering individual parcels to individual residences. However, parcel lockers benefit from the ability of couriers being able to deliver multiple parcels at a single location, which in turn leads to efficiencies within courier routing strategy and eliminating failed deliveries.

Our Sustainability Report identified the carbon savings possible from consolidated parcel delivery options when compared with individual parcel drop offs. This was particularly acute given the likelihood of failed deliveries and the need to re-deliver, in combination with consumer’s demands for ‘next-day’ or ‘same-day’ deliveries having a higher carbon impact owing to the rerouting and de-optimisation of parcel delivery routing. The Report was used to identify the value parcel locker systems can offer and support the placing of parcel locker systems at key places, such as transport nodes. To evidence these claims, a carbon model was prepared that demonstrated a reduction in total carbon dioxide emissions by up to 2/3 than that of conventional parcel delivery, with a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from couriers by up to 95%.

The Sustainability report was used to support the commercial strategy surrounding wide-scale deployment of parcel-locker systems at targeted distribution centres. Since our involvement, InPost has expanded rapidly to about 3,000 parcel lockers in the UK, including a partnership with Transport for London. 

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