L&Q – Various Strategic Developments

On behalf of L&Q, our Sustainable Value team has been working alongside various planning colleagues to prepare several Climate Change and Health and Wellbeing Strategy documents to inform the vision of large-scale new developments.

These developments range in scale from 1,500 10,000 homes and are currently being used as core documentation within the site promotion process. The strategy documents provide climate change and health & wellbeing objectives for strategic developments, via a strong understanding of the local context. In doing so, climate change adaptation and mitigation can be embedded from the outset whilst reconciling climate resilience and healthy communities.

Increasingly during the land promotion process, a development’s sustainability credentials are central to providing an edge over competitor sites competing for allocations. Therefore, effective and robust communication of holistic sustainability issues through concise strategy reports to any Vision document being prepared is key. The strategy reports also ensure that there is no ‘greenwashing’, through setting ambitious but deliverable objectives and key performance indicators.

The strategies are designed to be flexible and cognisant of wider technological and policy changes, given the long build out times of larger developments. They will evolve over time with each strategy being revisited at key milestones across the development progressing, ensure key performance indicators are monitored and as required.

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