North Selby Anaerobic Digestion and Horticultural Glasshouse

The North Selby Anaerobic Digestion & Horticultural Glasshouse Project will provide a new horticultural glasshouse facility for one of the country’s leading specialist plant propagation companies and the AD facility will employ combined heat and power (CHP) units to generate up to 2.75 MW of heat and electricity from up to 60,000 tonnes of organic waste (source-separated food waste, commercial and industrial waste and agricultural waste) per year.

Project Details

  • 24 hectare site
  • The facility will process 60,000 tonnes of organic waste per year
  • Up to 2.75 MW of heat and electricity generated
  • Combined heat and power units

This 24 hectare site is a former coal mine pit head within the Green Belt and was made up of storage and workshop buildings and a National Grid substation.

As well as a £23.5 million Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility, the innovative proposal will also include a horticultural glasshouse which will use the heat and electricity generated by the AD facility, making the two facilities ideal for co-location.