Paris-Orly Corridor

Following the replacement of an existing bus service with a more efficient and sustainable tramway, our team have explored the urban design implications of this upgrade on the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Eleven kilometres of dense urban neighbourhoods, run-down suburbs and industrial sites line the route between the gateway to Paris on the southern section of the Boulevard Périphérique and the airport at Orly. Historically served only by bus, the development of a sustainable new tramway looks set to transform this area into what one would expect: a thriving metropolitan region.

We have been exploring the urban design implications of this planned transformation to ensure this new region is a success. Working with stakeholders from the city districts and the region, together with other representatives from local organisations, we have created an ambitious code or “Charter” that defines a strong new identity for the area and establishes design principles that will encourage a vibrant, innovative and above all sustainable new region to emerge.

Project Details

  • Extensive understanding of how the region can and will be used
  • Significant engagement with stakeholders from the city districts and the region
  • Creation of an ambitious 'Charter' that defines a new identity for the area 

Community engagement has been central to the study and the team undertook extensive consultation process to ensure the views of the communities bordering the corridor are addressed in the planning strategy. When creating a strategy of this scale, which incorporates a number of existing communities with different identities, it is important to focus on the big picture as well as the detail. Understanding how the region will be used as a whole, and creating an overarching access and visual framework, promotes a cohesive approach that enables local interpretation.