Redcliffe Neighbourhood Plan

In the city centre community of Redcliffe, people are taking action to encourage revitalisation through neighbourhood planning. Redcliffe has completed one of the most comprehensive community planning workshops/Enquiry by Design exercises undertaken amongst pilot neighbourhoods.

Project Details

Redcliffe was identified as one of 200 ‘front-runner’ communities to receive neighbourhood planning funding by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

  • Facilitated workshops
  • Produced a design for the community
  • Area of Bristol includes the harbourside, St Mary Redcliffe Church and Bristol Temple Meads station

Our Town Planners and Masterplanners facilitated these workshops and have produced a design for the community which reconsiders the dual carriageway slicing through the neighbourhood in favour of community uses and active frontage.

Beginning with the compilation of an extensive evidence base of almost 40 documents, the community worked through the production of a viable and vital Masterplan to transform this area of Bristol, home to assets such as the harbourside, St Mary Redcliffe Church with its 90 m spire and Bristol Temple Meads station.