Riyadh Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Strategy

Commissioned by the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA), our team have produced a comprehensive Transport-Oriented Development (TOD) Strategy for the City of Riyadh.

The aim of the study is to predict the influence of the new metro system on the urban structure and growth of the city. The system will deliver 96 new stations across 6 lines with over 180 km of track and a comprehensive dedicated bus network. The net effects will bring fundamental change to a city previously reliant on private car usage.

The TOD study aims to identify new forms of development in close proximity to the stations encompassing land use, density, ownership, movement and public realm. The study is composed of three stages:

Phase 1 – The team undertook a comprehensive analysis of the principles of TOD with particular focus on the best practice of 10 global cities and their relevance to Riyadh. A comprehensive market and real estate analysis of the current and projected trends of Riyadh was also undertaken.

Project Details

Urban Design Guidelines for the growth of Riyadh following the implementation of:

  • 96 new metro stations
  • 6 rail lines with 180km new track
  • Alongside a comprehensive BRT and bus network

Phase 2 – The team identified a TOD strategy for the city at various levels which would serve as the basis of a revision to the Strategic Plan for the city. A Riyadh TOD classification system was then created to help achieve the aims of the citywide strategy and identify potential opportunities for public and private investment.

Phase 3 – The team created a set of Urban Design Guidelines to inform the development of TOD at all levels of the classification system. This will then be tested on five station areas which have been identified as priorities by the ADA.