We have been working with the Ville de Roscoff and its residents to produce a masterplan to guide their town’s development over the next 25 years.

The historic town of Roscoff, lying on the North Brittany coastline, has direct ferry links to Plymouth, as well as a train station and number of routes into the town. Yet despite the number of tourists that come within close proximity of the town as a result, comparatively few choose to stay there for their holiday.

Getting people into the town was therefore a priority for our Masterplanners, and was one that required a solution consisting of more than just plans for an appealing location with amenities.

Project Details

  • 25-year development masterplan
  • Sequences of interesting spaces
  • Landscape enhancements
  • New signage

The chosen design, the most ambitious of the proposed, not only included sequences of interesting spaces, but also incorporated landscape enhancements and new signage, showing the importance of connecting the town to its surroundings.

Perhaps most importantly for tourism and international links, was the proposed inclusion in the INTERREG Scheme, which provides funding for interregional co-operation across Europe, lessening the impact that geographical isolation can so often have on these towns.