SEGRO Simplified Planning Zone and Climate Change Action Plan Representations

Brought in to work alongside our Birmingham Planning team on behalf of SEGRO, our Sustainable Value team prepared representations to Slough Borough Council’s draft Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, published for consultation in Autumn 2021, and subsequent to Slough Borough Council declaring a motion on climate change.

The representations outlined SEGRO’s support for the Strategy and Action Plan in principle, whilst also encouraging Slough Borough Council to continue to engage with stakeholders in the business community on a regular basis to ensure that solutions are deliverable and practical rather than theoretical. The response also suggested ways that innovation in the industry could be used to progress new ideas and thinking, while acting with the benefit of private sector finance to drive investment and accelerate positive action.

Discussions have been ongoing with Slough Borough Council, and it is anticipated that we will assist SEGRO in helping Slough Borough Council with prioritising actions in the next steps of implementing the Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan. To ensure the best response was formed, we coordinated a team of technical experts, working alongside others such as Stantec, to provide input on transport and energy matters.

Alongside this, our Sustainable Value team is also has also been leading Sustainability and Design Workshops to assist SEGRO in renewing the existing Simplified Planning Zone (SPZ) on the Slough Trading Estate for a further 10-year period. This included exploring the ways in which they could achieve more sustainable and future proofed developments on the path to net zero, looking at standards such as the Future Buildings Standard, BREEAM Standards, Passivhaus Principles and UK Green Building Council Standards. It also draws from SEGRO’s commitments via the Responsible SEGRO Framework and the potential for new initiatives, estate-wide green infrastructure master planning and community investments. Our involvement allowed us to test the boundaries of aspirational and market-leading climate change mitigation efforts against SEGRO’s existing portfolio.

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