Wrae Green

The proposal is for up to 100 new dwellings, 30% of which will be affordable and includes a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties. The two existing ponds provide the focal point for development, creating an attractive environment for people to live whilst encouraging new habitats and biodiversity.

We were appointed to prepare an outline application for the development of up to 100 high quality new homes on a greenfield site on the edge of Wrea Green in Fylde. The site was originally identified as part of a site search project undertaken by Barton Willmore on behalf of Story Homes.

Outline planning permission was granted on part of the site for up to 49 dwellings in October 2015. The original proposals (for up to 100 dwellings) were subject to a Public Inquiry in January 2016 on the grounds of landscape and whether an additional 51 dwellings represented sustainable development.  

The appeal was allowed and the Inspector agreed that the proposals represented sustainable development in the context of the NPPF. Barton Willmore provided expert witnesses for planning.