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We pride ourselves on building teams of passionate people. We unleash and support personal and professional development alongside creating a working environment that promotes innovation, collaboration and team work, whilst we also know how to have fun!

Now meet some of our people and see their stories.

Lea Field, People Team Manager
Hello Lea Field People Team Manager
Mark Owen, Senior Planner
Hi Mark Owen Senior Planner
Natalie Lillis, Senior Planner/Researcher
Hey! Natalie Lillis Senior Planner/ Researcher

A typical day for me is really variable ….design crits, sourcing new work, admin/finance aspects and of course doing architecture itself, including client and design team meetings, fee proposals and ultimately seeing the delivery on site which is the most rewarding part for all us Architects.


One of the most important aspects of my role day to day, is about ensuring we are staying competitive within the industry, keeping all of us on top of new technologies and skills and reinforcing our ‘One Team’ approach across our architectural design teams.

My words of wisdom? Remember your own knowledge, experience and skills can only take you so far. It’s your personality and character that drives you, and your ability to work with your colleagues and peers, which are your greatest assets. These cannot be gained through training and are so often overlooked.”

Nick Collins Architectural Partner

Nick Collins <span>Architectural Partner</span>

I work on all sorts of projects from branding to planning documents, but the Reading illustrative map was definitely a career defining moment for me here! I always knew that when I joined, illustration was something new that I could bring to the team but I never imagined it would kick off so quickly!


The map, originally created as a piece of artwork for our reception, has become hugely well-known across the town with copies being sold for charity in the Museum and Reading Borough Council using the artwork in their public reception area.”

Sammy Brennan Senior Graphic Designer

Sammy Brennan

I was always drawn to the idea of working as part of a multidisciplinary team alongside like-minded professionals where planning and design work seamlessly to create functional and sustainable environments.


I joined as a Senior Planner in 2012. Two years later I was promoted to Associate working alongside Mark Sitch, who is now Senior Partner. I have built up my own network of client relationships and manage a range of projects across the country.

The breadth and depth of experience I have gained is unparalleled. I’ve been given all the resources I need to grow as a professional whilst on a personal level colleagues have always supportive and I’ve made long-lasting friendships!”

Ben Taylor Associate Planner

Ben Taylor

I graduated in July 2014 after studying Geography at Durham University, the following October I started here! It’s been a good place to start my career, everyone is so supportive and always there if you have any questions or need any help. I work closely with my immediate team who are a fantastic support network but I have also had the opportunity to work with other planners and designers across the entire Practice.


The most exciting thing about working here is being involved in projects which change the shape and face of Great Britain and can directly influence people’s lives and local communities. I have been involved in some complex and high profile Environmental Impact Assessments including the proposals for the New Royal Artillery Museum on Salisbury Plain and the recently approved development at Southall Gasworks for 3,750 units!”

Hannah Bedding Planner

Hannah Bedding

Within six months of joining I had worked with Planners, Architects and Landscape Architects. This approach is quite different from previous roles and has really helped with my integration, but also gains good results for our clients. I’m particularly interested in the delivery of large scale new settlements so it’s great to be working on these along with a variety of other projects.


One word to sum up Barton Willmore…I’d say open. It values its employees no matter what level, it's clear that everybody has an opportunity if they apply themselves. I’ve joined as an Associate and look forward to developing a long term career here.”

Vaughan Anderson Urban Design Associate

Vaughan Anderson

Before joining Barton Willmore in 2003 I’d had three jobs in three years, I wondered if I’d chosen the right career. That was 14 years ago. At that time, it hadn’t crossed my mind that I’d be spending the rest of my career here or that I’d end up being a Partner (2013)! I now jointly head up a team of Planners covering the Midlands and further afield.


I love the range of clients and projects - the variety in size, complexity and nature - but the thing I enjoy most is being part of a consultancy that has both planning and design at its core. I really enjoy working alongside designers and understanding how you take a site from a red line on a plan all the way through to the fully constructed scheme.”

Kathryn Ventham Planning Partner

Kathryn Ventham

I've worked here for nine years as an Urban Designer and Masterplanner at our Bristol office, which now has over 50 people. I joined as an Associate and was promoted to a Director in 2012.



Kevin Parker Urban Design Director

Kevin Parker

I was delighted when Barton Willmore offered me a three-month work experience placement in their Manchester office. Even as an intern, I was given the opportunity to assist and shadow colleagues in a number of high profile projects as well as manage my own smaller scale jobs. After six months I was thrilled to be offered a permanent position as a Graduate Planner, in the following year my responsibilities and workload increased and I was soon promoted to a Planner role before being promoted to Senior Planner in 2016.


One of the most positive aspects that I have found here is the level of support. Even from the outset of my career the guidance, encouragement and support offered by colleagues has been fantastic, from completing my APC to continual professional development via team discussion and professional networks.”

Hannah Walker Senior Planner

Hannah Walker

I joined Barton Willmore for my year out placement...Eleven years later I’m now a senior architect and have worked alongside a countless number of talented individuals. I was luckily given the opportunity by Barton Willmore to return to university to complete both the Part 2 and Part 3 courses on a part time basis which the Practice also funded. This not only enabled me to return to university but to retain my job and to keep gaining valuable experience alongside academic studies.  


Although Barton Willmore as a whole could be considered a medium to large practice, once broken down into the various disciplines and teams across the different offices, the working environment feels much smaller and intimate. Importantly I have never felt like a small cog in a big corporate machine, something which can and does happen at some other, large practices.

Andrew BlythSenior Architect

Andrew Blyth

I love the people I work with, both within Barton Willmore and our clients. We often get called upon to deal with the ‘tricky’ projects – which is a great challenge. Since joining I’ve been able to develop my technical knowledge to a level I don’t believe other companies would give me, as well as being given the opportunity to work on strategic projects.


I love the commercial awareness of the practice as well as the friendly culture and the fun we have out of hours. There’s always something going on.”

Wendy LancasterLandscape Planning Associate

Wendy Lancaster

In my view the team structure is pivotal to the success of the company and from a personal perspective, my own enjoyment of the job and projects.



Katie Harley Associate Planner

Katie Harley


Smiles all round en route to Vertical Rush Judgement Day for our Reading team The annual Triathlon squad out in force Post-race pic from our Tri team Team trip for Practice Management Bristol team at one with nature Cheers! Spreading some Christmas cheer in Leeds Yeehah! Practice Party 2014 Manchester team get a pint in at the Rovers BWVelo cycle club spin

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In 2015 we helped to plan or design

1,700+ places

4.9million m2 of commercial (retail, office & industrial), leisure, educational and health accommodation

283,000+ homes

21.5 tW/h through energy development (gas, oil & renewables)

“Reading 2050 has given us an exciting opportunity to get to know our home town and, along with the wider community, understand what can be achieved through considered long term strategic thinking. The process so far has been a lot of fun, seeing people inspired at our workshop session and excited about what Reading could be has led to some innovative and inspiring ideas for Reading’s Future.”

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Richard Webb,
Landscape Associate

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